Rocket Spanish Review - Is It Worth Buying?

Company: Rocket Languages
Website: www.RocketSpanish.com
Cost: $99.95 Instant Download
Guarantee: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Support: 24/7 Student-Teacher Support

Rocket Spanish is an interesting and unique language product. It provides a range of unique features including the ability to work at your own speed, to learn useful Spanish. As one of the lowest-cost options on the market, this course has been very popular with many would-be Spanish speakers. In this article I will try to reveal the truth behind Rocket Spanish and give an honest review on whether or not it is worth your time and investment.

There are two options available when you are led to the Rocket Spanish sales page. You can buy a digital download version or a physical version which is shipped to your door. At the time of writing, the physical version is much more expensive at $299.95 plus $49.95 for shipping. The instant download version is available at a cheaper price of $99.95. I recommend the digital version because you will get instant access to the lessons and it is much cheaper. Now let´s talk about the course itself!

The Rocket Spanish program is packed with useful information. If you are a busy person who is trying to learn a new language, you would probably like to have a convenient solution, where you can learn at your own pace. This is one plus point of Rocket Spanish. It gives you instant access to step-by-step audio lessons and even motivating games. Rocket Spanish is not boring and it definitely provides the resources students need to learn and hold onto this language.

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For the audio lessons itself, they are narrated by friendly voices, so you will have no problems following them. They are concise and go straight to the point, so you can start learning the fundamentals of the language almost immediately. You can even download the audio files on to your iPod or CD, so you can learn away from the computer while you are having a jog or just relaxing on your sofa.

The first part of the educational program provides 31 audio lessons. These are interactive, allowing for the user to read through them and hear them, while saying them. Each audio lesson comes with a transcription so that you can read along. This teaches not only how to speak Spanish but also how to read it. Each course is about 25 minutes in length, which is more than 14 hours worth of audio training.

Also included are 550 pages of material. This is the main part of the course, and although there are so many pages, all of them are easy to digest. It is suitable for both beginner and advanced education.

You can print them out so you can learn them at your leisure, there is just that much material! Note: There is a real emphasis on pronunciation skills, which are often not covered enough in traditional Spanish classes or other language software.

Besides, there are also additional exercises included and a memory game called MegaCards. The best way to work with Rocket Spanish is to listen to the audio lessons, read the material and do the exercises before starting to speak the language.

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To learn spanish vocabulary, the software offers a MegaVocab Software Game. This game helps to teach the student the most important words they need in a more informal setting, to help with memory recognition. The game includes more than 1000 words and 20 various topics. You are even able to add your own additional words to the program.

Perhaps one of the most unique features of Rocket Spanish is that it provides you with an on call Spanish teacher. This information comes directly from the owner or from one of the Spanish teachers that are available at the Learn Spanish Forum.

The best way to learn Spanish easily is probably to live in a Spanish-speaking country, but if that´s not an option, Rocket Spanish is probably the fastest and easiest alternative to get a grip of Spanish language.

Another reason to invest in this particular Spanish learning software is that it provides students with a full 100 % guaranteed money back promise if one is not satisfied with the final program.

If you are having problems coping with Spanish lessons in school, looking to use the language in business, or simply wanting to add another language to your repertoire, Rocket Spanish might just be the best learning spanish software for you. Everything that the program teaches is fundamentally correct and it definitely delivers exceptional quality to the user on a regular basis.

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Jamorama – the Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit

Product Review

If you are learning the guitar as a beginner, as a slightly more advanced player or as someone coming back to playing the guitar, you can appreciate how frustrating it is learning the skills and techniques without seeing any noticeable results. The time and effort that many put into exercises don’t seem to be reflected in their standard of playing. There also seems to be a frustration in the lack of quality information on the market.

In addition to the quality information in the glossy two book series, the team at Jamorama has spent 1,000s of hours developing 148 video examples and exercises so the student can hear and see exactly what they should be doing. The Jamorama team have also included two exclusive educational computer games to develop your skills in reading and training your ear to transcribe music. They also included the pro version of Jayde Musica and GuitEarIt! as free bonuses that give the student the ability to train their ear to recognize notes and transcribe songs from the radio. Both of these programs are very well made and presented, and most of all are easy and fun to play.

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Learn reading guitar TAB

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Product Contents

44 chapters and 252 pages

Ear training game

Guitar tuning software

Jamorama metronome

Video lessons

Payment Processor

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Return Policy

8 Weeks Money Back Guarantee


$ 39.95. Upgrade $ 54.95 for Jamorama and Jamorama Lead Guitar

My opinion ...

With all of the information in this package there really is no excuse to delay learning to play your guitar. The Jamorama team has given the reader four high quality books, two fun educational games and access the Jamorama forum with all the resources you need to play like a professional in no time.
This package is by far the most complete and fresh approach to guitar playing that I have seen in a long time. I highly recommend this product because I do believe it will deliver results and have you playing popular songs like a professional using the most effective techniques. There is something here for every guitar player, regardless of ability. And at the current cost, it really is worth every dollar spent!

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Cash Making Power Sites Review

Is This Website a Scam?


Do you want to make money on the internet with a website, but you lack the knowledge and technical knowledge to do so? This should not stop you from making money online! I have found out that there are other resources like ready-made sites and payment processing systems which help you establish an online business. The Cash Making Power Sites provide me with 5 websites that you can use to start generating leads and start making money onlien almost immediately.

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So I definitely recommend you check them out right now!

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If you ask yourself what´s the best language learning software I recommend giving a try to Rocket Spanish.
Rocket Spanish offers a FREE 6 day Learn Spanish course! Just enter your name and email adress und you will get instant access to the course. I can tell you Rocket Spanish offers some very interesting bonuses additionally.

Spanish Free 6 day Course

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You can have a close look if this product comes up to your expectations. So don´t hesitate and get your free course here before this offer is withdrawn!

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Xbox 360 Repair Guide - Fix 3 Red Lights

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A Repair guide for the Xbox 360 that enables you to repair the most common problems that stop you from playing. It comes with videos so you can see what to do before you to do it to get rid of the red ring of death.

It is a easy to follow guide that will stop you from going mad when the 3 red lights are coming upon you and your xbox360. If you have an Xbox 360, you NEED this guide.

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Videos and Xbox 360 Repair Guide in PDF format.

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Amazing product. Better than sending your Xbox to Microsoft anyway!

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Fat Loss 4 Idiots

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FatLoss4Idiots (was WeightLoss4Idiots) was launched in 2006. The diet is based on an online generator that will suggest daily meal plans according to own your food preferences. The diet is set up on a 14 day cycle - 11 days of planned meals, the following three days you are welcome to eat what you like...

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Losing weight is hard. Still, many programs will work if YOU can only follow them.

The success of this program is directly related to your desire to lose weight and your ability to stick to the program. That is why the support you get is so important. Youlike to be rather fat and alone or would you like to be a thinning member of a support group?

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5 Easy Steps To Enjoy Learning Spanish

  • Build a solid foundation:
For any new activity to begin, a strong base is necessary specially one like learning a new language. Concentrating on the grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and pronunciation will help you build this solid base. Your reading, writing, speaking and understanding of the language will entirely bank on this foundation.

  • Set targets:
Set targets that are reasonable and achievable. This will help you move ahead. Try something new each day to avoid boredom. For e.g. learn 5 new words with their meanings, their usage, their places in the sentence, etc.

  • Practice regularly:
Practice in any form like reading, writing or speaking will help you learn the language. Practicing the pronunciation, the accent and the sound will familiarize you to the dialect of the language. Second would be practicing the grammar and the vocabulary like revising your words daily.

  • No disappointment:
Study at your own pace. Don’t push too hard to complete any part of your course by ignoring the quality. Don’t get discouraged when you think your learning speed might be too slow. See that how well you can master the new topic.

  • Specialize on topics that interest you:
If you are a football fan, then make your study more enjoyable by reading about it or even trying Spanish commentary! For music lovers, just put on your headphones and dance to the Spanish tunes! Listen to their lyrics and try to understand what it means.


Rocket Spanish - Table Of Contents - Part 2

Now, you guess right! Rocket Spanish Language Software consists of TWO parts!

The second level deals with more advanced techniques to complete your spanish training of part 1. About 50 % of all buyers directly buy both editions as it is the perfect combination to get a grip on the new foreign language.

Click here to read my review of the whole package!

Now you want to know the content of level 2? Here it comes...

Level 2

  • Part 1 Lessons
    • 1.1 What Happened Yesterday?
    • 1.2 Fishing Adventure
    • 1.3 Lost Book
    • 1.4 Movies
    • 1.5 Concert
    • 1.6 Past Times
  • Part 2 Lessons
    • 2.1 When I Was Young
    • 2.2 Chilean History
    • 2.3 Chilean Literature
    • 2.4 Unforgettable
    • 2.5 How Long Ago
    • 2.6 Mexican Legend
  • Part 3 Lessons
    • 3.1 Terrible Traffic
    • 3.2 Job Offer
    • 3.3 Visit To The Bank
    • 3.4 Post Office
    • 3.5 Important Project
    • 3.6 Cyber Space
  • Part 4 Lessons
    • 4.1 Good News
    • 4.2 Mario’s Girlfriend
    • 4.3 The Adventure Begins
    • 4.4 Change In Mario
    • 4.5 Nature Conservation
    • 4.6 Best Friends
  • Part 5 Lessons
    • 5.1 Wedding
    • 5.2 Mauricio In Space
    • 5.3 Unexpected Success
    • 5.4 Birth of Rocket Spanish
  • Part 6 Lessons
    • 6.1 All Conversations
    • 6.2 All Reviews
  • eBooks – Just like in Rocket Spanish Level 1, you are provided with the Rocket Spanish Advanced Grammar eBook that takes the material covered in Level 2 and helps bring it all together.
  • Transcripts – Rocket Spanish Level 2 also contains over 40 pages of more advanced spanish transcripts (on top of the 34-page transcript PDF from Level 1). These transcripts are well worth the money!


If you´re really convinced of learning spanish and want the best training at the best price Rocket Spanish is the optimal choice. If you want to learn spanish for a job opportunity, vacation, or any other reason, do yourself the favor and select the award winning Rocket Spanish and enjoy learning spanish the fast and easy way!

Yes, I want to learn spanish!

I am an affiliate of this product. If you buy it through my link I will earn a commission.


Rocket Spanish - Table Of Contents

After giving you my review of Rocket Spanish on August 02, I will now show you one very important and very interesting thing...

Here is the table of contents of the Rocket Spanish Edition!

Rocket Spanish – Level 1

  • Instruction Manual
  • Part 1 Lessons
    • 1.1 Introductions
    • 1.2 Introductions Expanded
    • 1.3 The Perfect Coffee
    • 1.4 Taking a Photo
    • 1.5 What do you do for a living
    • 1.6 Family Status
    • 1.7 Traveling Schedule
  • Part 2 Lessons
    • 2.1 Taking a Tour
    • 2.2 Making Weekend Plans
    • 2.3 Events
    • 2.4 Directions
  • Part 3 Lessons
    • 3.1 Descriptions
    • 3.2 Emotions
    • 3.3 The Weather
    • 3.4 Yours and Mine
  • Part 4 Lessons
    • 4.1 Shopping
    • 4.2 Bargaining
    • 4.3 The Hotel
    • 4.4 The Restaurant
    • 4.5 This and That
  • Part 5 Lessons
    • 5.1 Birthday Party
    • 5.2 Dates
    • 5.3 Games and Prizes
    • 5.4 Presents
    • 5.5 Let’s Party
  • Part 6 Lessons
    • 6.1 Speak Like an Expert
    • 6.2 Pastimes
    • 6.3 End of Vacation
  • Part 7 Lessons
    • 7.1 Introductions to the Family
    • 7.2 Chores
    • 7.3 Goals
  • Part 8 Lessons
    • All Converations
  • MegaSpanish Games – The MegaSpanish Games software (for both PC & MAC) include MegaVocab, Mega Audio, & MegaVerbs
  • Beginners Book – The Rocket Spanish Beginners Book is by itself what most other “learn spanish” programs are in their entirety. It’s an easy to read, informative resource covering all of the following topics:
    • Section 1
    • 1.1 How To Pronounce Spanish Words
    • 1.2 People, Places, and Things
    • 1.3 Using “The” and “A”
    • 1.4 Talking about You, He, and We
    • 1.5 “To Be” Part 1: The Verby SER
    • 1.6 Numbers
    • 1.7 Telling the Time
    • Section 1 Review

    • Section 2
    • 2.1 Verbs in the Present Tense
    • 2.2 The Verb IR (to go)
    • 2.3 Asking Questions
    • 2.4 “To Be” Part 2: The Verb ESTAR
    • Section 2 Review

    • Section 3
    • 3.1 Adjectives Part 1: Descriptions
    • 3.2 Using Estar to Express a Feeling or Condition
    • 3.3 Talking about the Weather
    • 3.4 Adjectives Part 2: Who Owns What
    • Section 3 Review
    • Section 4
    • 4.1 Talking about Me, Her, and Us: Direct Object Pronouns
    • 4.2 Indirect Object Pronouns
    • 4.3 Putting Direct & Indirect Object Pronouns Together
    • 4.4 More about Us and Them: Prepositional Pronouns
    • 4.5 Talking about This, That, and That One over There
    • Section 4 Review
    • Section 5
    • 5.1 Introduction to Irregular Verbs: TENER and VENIR
    • 5.2 Stem Changing Verbs in the Present
    • 5.3 Irregular Verbs in the “Yo” Form
    • 5.4 To Say and To Give: Using DECIR and DAR
    • 5.5 When Something is Happening
    • Section 5 Review
    • Section 6
    • 6.1 Talking about What You Know: SABER and CONOCER
    • 6.2 Talking about What You Like, Love, and Lack
    • 6.3 Actions You Perform on Yourself: Reflexive Verbs
    • Section 6 Review
    • Section 7
    • 7.1 Talking about What’s Good, Better, and Best
    • 7.2 Talking about IFS, Ands, Buts
    • 7.3 Talking about Something and Nothing
    • Section 7 Review
    • Appendices
    • Appendix 1 – Grammatical Concepts in English
    • Appendix 2 – Answer Key
    • Appendix 3 – Complete Beginners Book Vocabulary (Spanish to English)
    • Appendix 4 – Complete Beginners Book Vocabulary (English to Spanish)
  • eBooks – This next section includes the following 7 eBooks created entirely by Maurico and his team exclusively for Rocket Spanish customers
    • Conversation Course (119 Pages)
    • Rocket Spanish Vocab Supplement (50 Pages)
    • Mega Cards Beginners (28 Pages)
    • Mega Cards Advanced (20 Pages)
    • Audio Mega Cards Beginners (28 Pages)
    • Audio Mega Cards Advanced (20 Pages)
    • Rocket Spanish Advanced Grammar (162 Pages)
  • Transcripts – Imagine having actual transcripts for several of the most common Spanish conversations. With Rocket Spanish Transcripts, you’ve got them word for word in both Spanish and English (34 pages)
  • Bonus Audio – These bonus audio tracks cover things like parts of the body, clothing, colors, days of the week, and food to name a few. With these 10 bonus audio lessons, you’ll be able to hear the authentic Spanish pronunciation of hundreds of additional words and phrases in a fun, interactive environment.

Visit Rocket Spanish here!

You see this package really delivers a high quality product. You will enjoy learning spanish as it is really fun working with the tracks and papers. You can learn words and vocabulary using the Mega Spanish Games and it will never get as boring as going to school and learning something that you do not like at all.

So give it a try and check this cool language learning software!

I am an affiliate of this product. If you buy it through my link I will earn a commission.


Learning Spanish - Motivation In Language Learning

Internal or external motivation

One key to satisfying and successful learning a foreign language is the personal motivation. What keeps you motivated, certainly depends on the reason why you are dealing with a new language.

First of all, there are different types of motivation. If you are externally motivated- your boss is forcing you to learn, you have to do it because it’s a requirement to graduate- that is what we call external or imposed motivation. The other type of motivation is internal or inner motivation. This is the case where you simply have a desire to learn the language. You like the culture of a Spanish-speaking country, you like language/languages in general, and so on.
Internal motivation is much more useful in terms of moving you toward fluency in your target language.

Be honest with your motivation

I have talked to many Spanish students who proclaimed they are very motivated to learn Spanish. We spoke about internal and external motivation, and they pointed to internal motivating factors as being their primary reason to learn Spanish. After some more extensive conversation with them, it turned out that they were highly motivated to know Spanish - they really, really wanted to speak Spanish, but they weren’t really interested in learning Spanish. What is the difference between wanting to know Spanish and wanting to learn Spanish?

Wanting to know Spanish excludes all the hard work that is required to meet that goal- learning Spanish implies a learning process that will be work.

When evaluating your motivation, you need to be honest with yourself. Examine what you really want. Do you want to be able to speak Spanish or do you want to go through the Spanish learning process. These are two very different concepts.

I am an affiliate of this product. If you buy it through my link I will earn a commission.


Learn Spanish Online - Does It Work?

How To Learn Spanish Online

The reasons why you want to learn Spanish can be different - maybe you want to travel to a Spanish speaking country, maybe you have a partner whose first language is Spanish, or perhaps it’s a language skill you are picking up to add to your qualifications.... But what you should know is that learning the Spanish language can be easier than you might imagine!

If you are already having difficulties learning Spanish, all you might need are better resources and proper guidance to get things working.

There are things that can make it easier for you to learn Spanish. Try some of the following tips to get a hang of the language. But only these things won’t make you learn the language. Moreover, you need to require a good language class or program. They will make things easier and more comfortable for you.

1. Watch Spanish movies with English subtitles. This will help you learn Spanish words while understanding their meaning simultaneously. This is a smart way to brush up your Spanish and it will cost you nothing!

2. Use devices like television and radio to your advantage. Listen to shows on the radio and watch Spanish programs on a regular basis. There are many shows where language is not very convoluted and the diction is clear and loud. This will help you get familiar with the language.

3. Try to meet some native Spanish people who you can practice your language skills with. You have a good chance of finding them if you live somewhere around California or Texas or Florida. Practice with other people in your class or your friends who are learning the language too.

4. Practice regularly! This is very important as the more you practice, the sooner you will become fluent in a new language. You will slowly begin to realize the mistakes in diction or usage that you are making. Gradually, you will be able to speak the language fluently.

5. Keep trying different things aconcerning your learning techniques so you do not become bored with practising each day.

These tips are not exhaustive. You can try other things, which you think might work better for you. Often people who are learn a new language give up because the course of the material is boring and not motivating enough. But if you can find a method that works for you, you would not need more than two months to get the basics of Spanish language in place.

You can also organize fun, creative activities where all learners and congregate and benefit in terms of language learning and help each other.

So get up, take up the right Spanish course for you and try the above! Soon you will find yourself speaking fluently in Spanish.